The child is both a hope and promise for mankind.


Primary Program

Founded in 1975 by committed parents, the Montessori School of Wild Pines (MSWP) combines dedicated, experienced teachers and faculty, exceptional facilities, challenging programs and committed parents to help children develop confidence and competence as they discover their world.

Each of our four beautiful Primary classrooms support 17 students and two adults. The classes are comprised of mixed aged children (3 -6) and with an effort to place an even number of boys and girls in each class. This is to help accommodate a well-rounded peer set for the children.

MSWP is a true community, non-profit school. We encourage and expect parent participation through our Parent Workbond Program. This requires that parents volunteer or donate 15 hours of time to the school per semester—and these are typically very simple contributions that add up over time. We have found that, in addition to deepening the sense of community (and keeping tuition rates lower), this experience gives parents an opportunity to become friends and form relationships that last a lifetime.

Our curriculum emphasizes sensory experiences and activities that encourage children to actively participate in and influence their surroundings. All of the adults in the school strive for our students to know the following to be true:

  • He/she is trusted by the adults in his life;
  • He/she is recognized by the adult as capable of keeping himself and others safe through his own self-discipline;
  • The adult has confidence and faith in him/her;
  • He/she can trust that when the adult says no, there must be a very strong reason because the adult has shown respect.
  • The adult will always do the very best to respect his/her desire to learn.

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