The child is both a hope and promise for mankind.


Toddler Program

In October 2012 we opened a Toddler Community in the building right next door to our Primary school.  Like the Primary environments, the Toddler classroom is designed specifically for that age and boasts a beautiful, naturally landscaped outdoor space in the back. Ten toddlers can be in this program at one time, along with two adults.

For those of you who have never witnessed a Montessori Toddler Community in action, it a very beautiful thing!  It gives children an amazing head start socially and emotionally, as well as, develops their fine and gross motor skills.  Most importantly, they quickly learn (and so will their parents) how capable they are and this creates independent, self-assured young people, who are not afraid to take risks and learn that they can “do important things!”

We recommend applying for a spot in our Toddler Community when you first become pregnant.  As our Toddlers “age out” of the program they move up to our Primary program and this creates an opening in the community.  We fill these spots directly from our waitlist.  So get on our waitlist a head of schedule!  Currently we are full until August 2024.

In both our Primary and Toddler environments our curriculum emphasizes sensory experiences and activities that encourage children to actively participate in and influence their surroundings.  All of the adults in the school strive for our students to know the following to be true:

  • He/she is trusted by the adults in his life;
  • He/she is recognized by the adult as capable of keeping himself and others safe through his own self-discipline;
  • The adult has confidence and faith in him/her;
  • He/she can trust that when the adult says no, there must be a very strong reason because the adult has shown respect.
  • The adult will always do the very best to respect his/her desire to learn.

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