Independence, Respect, and Joy in Learning

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Montessori School of Wild Pines (MSWP) offers children, 15 months through 6 years of age, a traditional Montessori education. Our peaceful and prepared environment fosters independence, respect, and joy in learning while embracing natural wonder and curiosity.

Founded in 1975, the Montessori School of Wild Pines (formerly known as Montessori School of Washington Park) is now located at 2695 South Jersey Street in Denver, Colorado. We are excited to continue providing a wonderful educational environment to our current students and new students, as well.

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We are thriving at our new location at 2695 South Jersey Street in Denver, Colorado.

MSWP is committed to providing the same, wonderful and joyful learning environment at our new home. However, we are in need of improvements, especially to building and playground spaces. 

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MSWP as Your Montessori School

New parents who tour our school often ask: Why Montessori? And why MSWP?

Maria Montessori recognized that children are the teachers of humanity—that young people, with their ideals and lack of attachment to tradition, can lead the way to a more human existence. This is their journey.

In addition to our commitment to creating our own special community/neighborhood, at MSWP we focus on freedom of choice with limits. Our approach values personal connection and collaboration in our classrooms using Montessori materials and following Montessori philosophy. We respect the individuality of each child and protect their “spirit” as they navigate their way.


MSWP Montessori fits the definition of 21st century education, connecting children to each other, their environment and their education through movement, critical thinking and choice.

Freedom of Choice

  • Integration of subjects
  • Experimental learning
  • Guided discovery
  • Teachers as observer
  • Uninterrupted workcycle (importance of follow-through & focus)
  • Differentiated follow-up work

Personal Connections

  • Parent involvement
  • Respect, grace & courtesy.
  • Risk-taking (learning through mistakes) in a safe environment
  • Freedom of movement
  • Authentic assessment through observation and mastery

Collaborative Learning

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring and problem solving (our multi-age grouping facilitates this)
  • Peer teaching (our youngest learn from our oldest..and vice versa)
  • Open (multi-age) learning environment
  • Connected curriculum—creating critical and global thinking. (subjects are inter-related to create meaning and relevance)

Toddler Program

Cheerful redhead toddler arrangement pink cubes assembling tower educational Maria Montessori materials. Male kid playing self educational early development supplies toys sitting on floor at home

The Toddler Program is designed specifically for ages 15 months to 3 years. Each toddler classroom boasts a beautiful indoor environment as well as access to naturally landscaped outdoor space. Up to ten toddlers will be in the classroom, along with two teachers.

Primary Program

A group of small nursery school children playing indoors in classroom, montessori learning.

The Primary Program teaches children to learn concepts through sequential repetition. This promotes independence, confidence and the development of a strong foundation for school and life success.

Our toddler classrooms support up to 20 students, along with two teachers.

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